Jacked Fashion NYC Brand Ambassador

I come to you all with some extremely exciting news. Thursday night (because the day and time of day is always of dire importance) I was asked by Alaska Mangialetto, the designer behind one of my all time favorite brands Jacked Fashion, to be her official New York City brand ambassador! To try and create a visual for you all of how I reacted when getting this message included lots of jumping up and down, squeals and then a huge spurt of energy to take photos in my kitchen with Jacked Fashion's Don't Date An Artist crop top. The follow images below are the results. Very soon you can expect to see lots of creatively, philisophically and spiritually challenging collaborations with Jacked Fashion; I am crawling out of my skin in anticipation. Before signing off for the weekend I wanted to thank Alaska again for this incredibly thrilling opportunity and say again how much of an honor it is to have been asked. I am such a huge supporter of Jacked Fashion no matter what and to officially be a part of the family truly warms my heart. It is people like Alaska and brands like Jacked Fashion that are my fire. The future is bright and very very colorful. I knew 2014 was gonna be a good one.