Snow Daze

As you may know already it snowed in New York last week (and then this weekend) and being a girl who has lived in Florida for the past 8 years it has truly been a magical thing to experience. I got to spend the the whole day playing and taking pictures although, after an hour I could no longer feel my fingertips or toes but details, details.....

When I lived in North Carolina it would usually snow every winter at least once but it would dust over, stop, and then start up again; in New York it literally never stopped. From 9 am until midnight the flakes just kept falling and falling and falling and I felt like it was snowing just for me. If you had seen me on the street I might have looked a little crazy because of how big I was smiling. 

I went and sat by the water as I tried to make out the Williamsburg bridge through the fog and documenting how differently the neighborhood looked covered in a new terrain. I even managed to travel into the city to visit a friend and see how despite the weather people keep going to work, school, or whatever. When the sun finally set it was even more magical seeing each flake sparkle in the car headlights and street lights. By now most of the snow is gone and definitely no longer white from dirt and such but I'll be counting down the days until snow and I get to have another awe inspiring experience.