Mike Kelley at MoMA PS1

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to see the Mike Kelly exhibit at MoMA PS1. For those that have no idea what, where or who that is let me briefly inform you: Mike Kelly was a multifaceted artist who worked in a variety of mediums focusing on the themes of American class relations, sexuality, repressed memory, systems of religion and transcendence, and post-punk politics. Until February 2nd there is the largest showing of all of his work at PS1 ranging from pieces dating back to the 1970s through 2012. Ok, now that we're all caught up let's move onto the art....I'm not particularly the biggest Mike Kelly fan but wanted to see the work and was extremely impressed with the curation of the show. There were 3 floors with work ranging from full room installations to videos to drawings and mixed media. My particularly favorite pieces hands down included the full room installation of gigantic hanging balls of stuffed animals sewn together and Mike Kelley's many interpretations of Krypton (Superman's home planet that was shrunken and put into a glass bottle). If you're in town before February I highly suggest you check it out, if you have a student id tickets are only $5.