Hello Brooklyln

It's been two weeks that I have officially been living life with a Brooklyn address and I have absolutely no complaints yet (I know they will come but let's pretend otherwise for now). As I mentioned last week many of the people here dress in all black or gray/brown tones for the sake of it's long term upkeep and lack of maintenance. All completely understandable and justified satortial decisions but I've been inspired by those sore thumbs that wear hot pink from head to toe or blue mascara on their eyebrows for no apparent reason other than why the fuck not?! Though I am still getting used to my neighborhood and home in terms of how to photograph it and myself in it here are a few shots of my outfits from the past week. I love how I can literally walk around in whatever the hell and nobody will look at you like you just came out of a circus as I have experienced everywhere else in my life. I feel more comfortable than ever to be dangerously daring and experimental in my wardrobe choices and every corner I turn I find a building or a store or a picture that inspires me. Brooklyn, I think we are going to have a very long and prosperous relationship.