For the past week my days have been spent lazying and traveling around with family in North and South Carolina watching a slew of tv shows like Game of Thrones (can't believe how late I am on that one...), consuming home cooked food and enjoying good conversation. A girl couldn't ask for much more during the holiday seasons. I appreciate this time of the year so much because it is the only time I get to spend with my family face to face and actually stop with all the hustle and bustle of my life and breath, although if I were to be completely honest I never actually stop working as you can tell with my continuous posts on this blog. Getting to travel throughout Georgia and the Carolina's is always such a pleasure and reminds me of the quiet magical qualities of wanderlust. These are the moments that build our foundation as beings on this earth and eventually get expressed in the way that we present ourselves to the world. This post is dedicated to the wanderlust of this past week. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and that your new years is only better.

My sister has some bad ass style for 10 degrees