When I was showing these photos to a few friends I was surprised to hear them all say generally the same thing: a damsel in distress but dressed like she don't give a fuck. Leaving Miami for New York is certainly not an easy task however I find myself feeling much like I did when I left New York this summer; a mixture of ecstasy, joy, determination, and un-certainty of the future (but who can ever be certain of the future so that seems like a silly thing to say). None the less I took these pictures in downtown Savannah earlier this week as I spent a few days catching up on R&R at my mom's house. I'm not really feeling like a damsel in distress but I am certainly missing my Miami friends dearly and my sorrow is surely apparent in moments of quiet solitude but more than anything I am feeling ambitious, ready to make my dreams come true and anxious to see what New York will have to offer me.

As I spend the remaining of the month traveling throughout the South for the holidays I will be preparing my spirit and mind for this new adventure while re-accessing what I hope to gain out of it. The type of people I would like to work with, the direction I would like to see myself grow. I found in my sketchbook this quick musing I jotted down a few months ago that I thought would be appropriate to share:

I like to work with people who are not quite here nor there. We are the in-betweener's that are not fully accepted because it is not fully understood, even to ourselves. We are like the stars and toxic gas that are beyond the naked eye to see but make up everything around us. It is not our business to imitate what we see but to dominate what we see and to play with it as a creator of something quite our own.

I may look like a damsel in distress with my fair skin and frail body but I am far from it and though I've proven that through my work in Miami I look very forward to making that even more prevalent in my experiences in New York. Cheer's to the in-betweener's!