Yes. I am frazzled. My hair is a mess and my mind is a clutter. I can't string two thoughts together and most of the time I am just laying around thinking about what I can cross off my long list of things to do yet instead I take pictures, mozy around on the internet, am catching up on House of Cards (Kevin Spacey, my god) and jamming out to the new Beyonce album. I am exhausted, worn out and need to spend the next week sleeping and rejuvenating my body. That's all, nothing more nothing less, here are some photos I took in the wood's behind my parent's house. I'm going for that comfortable country elegance in my attire. When I saw this pink slip dress laying on the floor of my parents closet with the rest of the things I've left behind over the years something about it's tone resonated with how the light seemed to make the forest glow. I found it to be very romantic, like a long lost love reunited again.