FIU Style Sightings

This is a very sad day as this is my very last installment of FIU Style Sightings since I will be graduating on Tuesday. For two years now I have been running this section of my blog and I plan to continue it as I move up to New York but have no idea what the new name will be, suggestions are welcome. However for today I want to pay tribute to all of the inspiring girls and boys that have made my camera and eyes very happy. It takes a lot of courage to be able to express yourself as openly and extravagantly as some of the students at FIU have done and I thank them all for that. Though they may not know it they have inspired many people, myself included, and what more could you ask for than that? To be able to change someone's mind set without having to say a word, that is true power that clothing has. Below is a collection of my favorite outfits, I hope you all enjoy and be on the look out in the new year for my evolution of FIU Style Sightings.