Today I graduate from college after 5 grueling years. I don't really know what to say about it since I don't actually walk down the aisle of the basketball stadium to get my diploma for a few more hours so in the meantime I will discuss what I have been up to in my final days in Miami. Every day has been spent doing photo shoots with new and old friends and packing at night. Though there will be more photos from my last days in this city later this week for now I wanted to share a rather random but still awesome one-look photo shoot I did with my favorite makeup extraordinaire Kayla Carcone. I met Kayla during my first year at school and if you go back to my blog 2 years ago you will find looks that we did together when I was still trying to figure out what the hell this thing was all about.

For this look in particular we wanted to do something mad, crazy and beautiful that had some sort of symbolism about the transition that we have gone through as artists from when we first came to Miami and where we are today, thus why half of my face is painted white and the other half au natural. While we were brainstorming some sort of text to put under my eye for the "where I am today" face I noticed a tattoo on Kayla's wrist that said DAFUQ. At first I thought it was hilarious but the more thought I gave to it I fell in love with it. It's straight-forward, honest, humorous and relevant to how I have often felt in reaction to many of the things I have experienced here in Miami. 

My best friend Alex Jaramillo joined us for this shoot and was gracious enough to photograph it. It was so wonderful getting to spend time with these two very special women in my life and though I will miss them beyond what words can say I know that our paths will cross again and for now I will look very forward to that day while I cherish the experiences we have already had together. I love you two girls, thank you for everything, you each have a very special place in my heart.