Basel Update

This year has to easily be my busiest Basel thus far since my time in Miami. I am working the SCOPE VIP desk and every day I have to wake up to ride the bus to South Beach for 2 hours and then work for 10 hours and then ride the bus back for another 2 hours unless I am going to an event afterwards. I am usually getting home around midnight and up around 7 am if not earlier so to say the least I have very little time to do any updating on the blog until next week. However I did manage to find some time right now before I hard core pass out on you all to give you a quick update on what my experience has been thus far. 

It started with an unexpected delay in opening our doors for the preview gala night but thankfully there was this jaw dropping sunset on the beach to make up for it. Since then my days have been filled with talk of art, celebrities, fashion and music. What more could an art graduate ask for? Not much except I have gotten much much more than I could have ever dreamed of. On Wednesday Ben Coppelman featured our work together along with the stylist Mila Gonzalez at MRKT in Wynwood and it was a wild success. The photos turned out spectacular and everyone at the even seemed quite impressed. I certainly was and am still drooling over their amazing-ness. But then yesterday morning I woke up to find that I had been featured on Societe Perrier as one of Jipsy Nefarious's top 5 artists to be on the look out for at the Miami Art Fair this week and to try and express to you the joy I felt may be quite impossible so instead I will give you this little scenario to express my feelings: imagine standing on top of the world, quite literally, in a Marchesa dress and Nicholas Kirkwood heels as Pat McGrath does your makeup and Tim Walker takes your photo. Ya, it felt that good. Tonight is the VH1 party hosted by SCOPE that I shall be working and then Saturday is the epic Basel Castle that I have heard so much about and am tingling in my boots to finally experience personally. If any of you are attending epic things this week please feel free to comment and let me know about them, I'd love to swap stories! Otherwise I wish you all well and will be back on Monday with a full update on how the rest of my week goes. Happy Basel-ing!