You may remember a few weeks ago me showing you some photos that included some with vines covering my face and a massive black foil crown on my head but if not you can refresh your memory here. None the less the day is finally here where I can show you all the amazing work that was created by photographer Ben Coppelmann and stylist Mila Gonzalez with wardrobe by the incredible brand Art of Shade. Tonight is the official opening of these photos at MRKT in Wynwood so if you're in town be sure to come by and check it out, it's something you definitely don't want to miss. To give a few words of my own on this collaboration I have to say it has easily been one of the most inspiring experiences during my time here in Miami. Mila and Ben are so incredibly talented and to see them work together was something a bit like magic. Mila would come in and start adding branches, shifting the clothing this way and that and then Ben would jump in and start helping her out until they found that perfect it factor that made each photo something out of a story book. Thank you both for such a fantastic and surreal experience. As for the rest of you I hope to see you out there tonight!