The Quiet Moments

Though life has been hectic, crazy and overwhelming like usual I am finding the quiet moments in life extremely rewarding. Sometimes I find them to be frustrating and getting so riled up that I want to jump out of my skin but lately it's been quite the opposite. Like when I wake up in the morning and the light is illuminating the fake flowers next to my bed in this ethereal way that makes the day seem like anything is possible. Or when I peak out my window after spending hours editing and re-editing to find the sky lite up like a ball of fire after a stormy day; a violent eruption of afternoon heat and evening breeze. Even that first sip of so black it makes you want to cringe your teeth coffee in the morning or chilled $3 cheap Merlot at night after a long day. All of these seemingly insignificant moments that don't really affect my life head on are the moments I find myself enjoying and appreciating the most.

 I'm writing a lot in my journal these days as well. Quotes, musings, initial reactions to amazing and horrid experiences, sketches and doodles. 
I've always written but it's been a long time that I've written to the extent that I find myself doing now in these quiescent moments. 

I find writing to be an extremely necessary activity in order for me to fully understand my reaction and understanding of things. Many of the worlds greatest artists were famous not only for their work but for their essays and musings on their perception of the world. Salvador Dali, Alfred Steiglitz, Man Ray and Duchamp were all constantly writing all the time. This was their only way of being able to conceptualize exactly what their art movements were truly about on a social, philosophical and technical level. I am currently reading essays on the topic of photography by all of these artists and have been so inspired by their understanding and interpretations of it as an art. More will be said on this topic on a later date but for now I wish for you all the take a moment out of your day to really appreciate those quiet moments.