Stylized Reality

"The camera does not lie" yet photography soon became all about the technique of "lying" with the camera. I am constantly lying about the perception of me and my life by posing in certain ways, editing my photos, overlaying them with other images and selecting certain things to photograph while not selecting other things to photograph for a visually appealing aesthetic. A photograph is a fabrication that tells a limited bit about a limited thing.

Photography has allowed for more illusion than reality and the fashion industry thrives off of that. The fashion artist wishes to produce an attractive image in a style recognized as conveying modishness in general—he does not create an accurate record of a garment or a social comment, most of the time that is. Certainly you can look at the original McQueen or Maison Martin Margiela's work and see the extreme social commentary occurring but that is not my point in this particular rant. 

I have been thinking, as always, where this blog has come and where I want it to go. I have also been thinking about the fashion blogging industry and I feel like sometimes the photos I see on personal style blogs seem too sterile and unrealistic; predetermined and trying to convey something that doesn't really exist. I miss the genuine authenticity like you saw when Susie Bubble was taking snapshots with the flash blurring her face. 

With a new semester I want to reconsider the way that I am choosing to project myself here. Although I greatly enjoy going out and doing mini photo shoots of my outfits it isn't really a realistic perspective of my life. I know it's probably shocking to you all that I don't go and hang out on rooftops or nymph around in nature 24/7 but in fairness to you and myself if I talk about how I want this space to be about the experiences in my life and how that gets interpreted into my art then I should be showing you my life un-stylized, right? The authentic experience. Well that consists of me in my bed on a computer most of the time taking in visual inspiration and words as you can see above. 

Obviously seeing photos of me in, on or around my bed might get dull after a while so I most likely will continue to still do stylized shoots here and there because doing photos like that are an escape for me into a world that doesn't really exist anywhere but in those photos. Taking those sorts of stylized shots are my chance to exist, even if just for 1/150 of a second, in a world that is not really my world but what I wish and get to imagine was from time to time. It is a stylized reality that is a reflection of the things going on in my soul and mind.

I want Elegant Idiosyncrasy to be a reflection of a real life, not a superficial accounting of a life. So with all of that said you can still expect to find my stylized photography but I will try to be sharing more realistic images, or as realistic as a person can be when they are photographing themselves.