Self Portrait Re-imagined

After yesterday's attempt at a self-portrait that was as simple and to the point as possible I couldn't help myself when I saw all of that negative white space and be inspired to play around with a few of the outtakes. As much as I love the simplicity in yesterday's self portraits I am a very eclectic girl and white doesn't always sit well with me. By definition the word eclectic means "made up of what is selected from different sources" and I am not one to deny that I am made up of a wide variety of different sources as we all are. I thought it would be fun to re-imagine my self portrait shoot by incorporating shots from my recent trip to my birth-town Savannah, one of the many sources that influence who I am. The results are quite different from yesterday's and I like it that way.I am more fond of the one on the right rather than the left but they are both so different that I really can't decide. Either way this was a really fun and interesting way to create  re-create my self-portrait as it always is when I use modern technology to further express my emotional state. These are the perks of a digital revolution.