{Interior} Style

As important as my personal style is to me my interior style holds an equal amount of importance. I always say that our environment and audience influence the way that we dress ourselves and that is especially true when it comes to my bedroom. I can not create to my fullest creative extent if I am in a white walled room as I expressed clearly yesterday in White Walls. I need to cover the small space that surrounds my bed with magazine pages, sketchbook scribbles, jewelry, clothing that is a work of art, found items, dried flowers, glass bottles and make believe galaxies. My room is a museum of my heart, a sanctuary for my creativity and vulnerability. It is my soul pouring out wildly, un-apologetically and ferociously. I've gone through several attempts to organize my room in a more coherent manner but I've come to accept that that doesn't work for me. I am a little chaotic, all over the place, messy, erratic and bursting at the seams so it would seem appropriate for my room to be the same. I think we all know that our bedroom or interior space of any sort is important to creating a reflective state of mind so I have for you all today some photos my interior space, maybe it will give you some insight into my state of mind.