Fin de L'artiste

One random Saturday night last week my friend Alex and I got together and were drinking wine as we tend to do. Having nothing to do we decided to play around and take some photographs. I happen to had recently purchased some nude tights for a photo idea and this seemed like the perfect time to make it happen. Using just a plain white wall in my room, a desk lamp, tights, lipstick and of course wine we managed to come out with some pretty beautiful photos that I turned into a short story entitled The End of the Artist or Fin de L'artiste (for some reason or another we decided it sounded better in French). These photos were also a continued experimentation from my shoot with Janely that I featured in yesterday's post as I'm sure you can see the unquestionable similarities. It seemed relevant to share this story after my discussion on the institutions and their effect on artists and their work so this story became about the destruction of the artist. Enjoy.