Birthday Countdown

A sense of melancholy and remembrance of things past seem to be permeating me these past few weeks. Melancholy isn't always such a negative thing, it can be quite enjoyable at times especially when it comes to remembering pleasant moments. I remember as a child growing up in North Carolina spending our afternoons running through the woods, picking flowers, racing Baby Bottle Pops down the stream and playing make-believe pirates on an ocean of ivy.  There were usually costumes involved as well since my mom was quite the DIY Queen. 

Its one week until my 22nd birthday and I always find myself looking at the past during these times. This year I'm finding myself not as excited as I usually am for what my narcissistic mind considers to be the biggest holiday of the year. Maybe it's true the myth that after you turn 21 the rest are just numbers until you hit 30, 50, and so on. I have convinced myself that 22 is a big deal because it's the same number twice, that's special right? Right. So to make this birthday as special as all my other birthday's have been since a child (I have my mom to thank for that) I am getting myself pumped a week ahead of time with crafted paper crowns, picking daisies and clothing that makes me feel warm and bubbly inside. This is going to be my last birthday spent in Miami so I want to make it a fucking great one, suggestions are always welcomed. 

Photos by Alex Jaramillo