Artistic Collaboration {Behind the Scenes}

Before jumping into this post today you may notice a complete re-design to the blog. As I mentioned awhile back it was time for me to accept the white background as black simply wasn't doing my photos or content justice. This is a temporary re-design until I have more time and help to polish it up but for now I hope you enjoy the new look, if not let me know why. 

After my whole rant about stylized reality a few weeks ago this post probably can't get anymore stylized - a perfect example of my attempt to escape my reality. A few week's ago I collaborated on an incredible project with makeup artist, emphasize the artist, Kayla Carcone. Kayla had randomly sent me a text one day that she was going to have some spare time later in the week and if I had any projects I needed a makeup artist then she would love to help out. I didn't have anything planned but after working with Kayla on the Sea Punk shoot and being aware of her other creative work I knew that I definitely wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and do something insane with her. Trust me ladies and gentleman when I say that what we did was quite insane. 

I just got the wonderful news that this beauty story will be published very soon in a print magazine and I wanted to share a few behind the scenes because I always find it interesting to see how a conceptual and creative shoot is created. I was the model and photographer while Kayla was in charge of hair and makeup. I would say that we were both the creative directors since we pretty much just passed ideas back and forth while playing around with the materials that Kayla had brought with her. The results were quite astounding and something that I am dying to share this very moment but must restrain myself. Let these i-phone pictures suffice you all for now.

Here are two shots that didn't make the cut that I am still absolutely obsessed with. 
Like I said, Kayla is truly an artist.