No Fucks to Give

Every time I go to New York I always come back feeling a million times more motivated than before-this time was no different. That city seriously inspires me beyond words and makes me feel more at home then any other place I've ever lived or been. Even though I was only there for less than 2 days I met so many people and saw so many things that have put my spirit on a whole other level of awakening and stimulation. I feel driven, inspired, at peace and restless. I feel like I have a million projects I want to do and people that I want to work with; like I'll sleep when I'm dead (which is probably why I'm sick from exhaustion now) and the world is at my fingertips. I feel like I'm on the verge of great-ness and that when I graduate from college 5 months from now life is going to blow up in all the best ways. New York showed me that I am on the right path; that I am cultivating myself exactly the way I should be and that when I get strange stares from people in Miami on the streets or feel mis-understood by my peers at school that I shouldn't have any fucks to give because I know that there is something so right in what I'm doing. 

My cousin gave me this dress when I was up in the city and it is easily one of the most comfortable luxurious items I own. Perfect for Miami weather, perfect for New York bad-ass-ness and thus making it absolute perfection for me. I feel very empowered wearing it; like I am a glorious feline nymph ready to take over the world - also a very accurate description of how New York has made me feel since leaving. Five months and counting until I can call that city my home, until then I will take in all the great-ness that Miami has to offer me by sneaking onto rooftops, running around like a mad woman and watching the sun set every night when it's not pouring down rain.