FIU Style Sightings

My favorite stylish professor on campus, Professor Phyllis Baker. I ran to catch her before she got to her car and she graciously posed for a picture looking as statuesque as ever. Her dress was from China but she had just returned from a trip to Turkey.
Raymond Taylor
"Why did you decide to wear this outfit today?"
"I actually had this on last night."
Grace Frawley
"I call this Canadian cocktail attire."
Left Kiara Colbert , Right Grace Frawley
"We are heading to an art networking event tonight."
Morgan Pritchett
"I was feeling spiritual this morning."
I know this last picture is horrible but this girl was to adorable for me to not feature. I barely got the shot if you can even call it that but I've photographed this girl at least 5 times now and have never gotten her name because she's always on a mission on her bike but damn do I love her style. She seemed to have on an equestrian hat as a helmet this day.