Summertime Sadness

A few weeks ago I got the chance to photograph one of my favorite muses, Janely Rodriguez. Instead of shooting on campus we got to travel to her house and I fell head over heels for her home. With most photo shoots that I do, especially of myself I usually like to have an idea or aesthetic in mind that I am trying to capture. With Janely though I've always just worked within the moment and responded to what happens. As you all know earlier this summer I was going through an especially difficult time and many of the photos that I was taking of myself were expressing a very melancholic state of mind. When I saw Janely's huge bed and over-stuffed duvet I was immediately thrown back to that time when I didn't even want to get out of bed for days and so I decided to use Janely as a medium of expression for my summertime sadness. Later throughout our shoot, as not all of the pictures are posted here today, she suggested we do some shots in her bathtub and by the end of that series I knew that we had created magic. So today I present you all with Summertime Sadness. I hope you enjoy and later this week we will get back to regular programming.  

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