Woodland Creature

I apologize if my overload of images the past few days has been to much for some of you but I can't help myself when I am surrounded by such beauty! Savannah has been absolutely stunning since the sun came out and all I do each day is spend hours and hours wandering around in the woods taking photos. In Miami I am confided to a small little area of woods that we call our campus nature preserve to take the majority of my photos but here I have 22 acres of woods to explore and I have barely made a dent on discovering all there is to see here. It saddens me that I have to leave in a few days but all good things must come to an end or so they say. In the meantime you can expect to be seeing lots of pictures coming from me. This particular day was right after it had stopped raining for 2 days straight so there were lots of puddles to maneuver around and thankfully no mosquitoes, the next day was not so lucky. My outfit was inspired by my surrounding woodsy scenery.