Touch The Sky

Touch the sky and learn how to fly. Don't let fear hold you back but motivate you to move forward. Channel your energies and start to jump, run, dance--move. Live life in the fast lane because baby girl that's where we already are. Depression hurts and weighs you down physically, mentally and spiritually. It sucks the motivation, ambition and inspiration out of you. It makes you feel like the sun will never shine as bright again, that colors have lost their vibrancy and that all "beauty" is just a vain narcissistic materialism but I am here to tell you that it isn't true. I am learning how to touch the sky once again thanks to a beat made by Kanye, treadmills and clothing like this dress. 

It's strange how music and fashion can completely change your mood. How they are so synonymous of each other and how over time they have almost become inseparable. You can't walk into a boutique without hearing a themed playlist and all runway shows today require a soundtrack that will create the full experienced aesthetic that the designer is trying to express through the clothing. When I wake up in the morning a certain song can completely effect the clothing that I put on for the day just as it did this day. To say that music and fashion are two separate things is rather small minded as one is constantly affecting the other; just look at Karl Lagerfeld and his hundreds (yes, hundreds) of i-pods full of different types of music that will be translated into Chanel designs. Look at how when you walk into Hot Topic, Forever 21 or Zara there will be distinct types of music being played to influence the way that you want to dress yourself. So if you're having trouble getting dressed one day just put on a song that is really resonating with you, see how it affects you beyond auditory senses.