5 Shades in 5 Days

I remember the first day that I moved to Florida 7 years ago and being so blinded by the light that I literally could not open my eyes and that is no exaggeration. After that day I knew that I would always need to have a pair of sunglasses on me but trust me when I say that the struggle to find a good pair of sunglasses is not an easy one. Some fit your face strangely or leave horrible red marks on the sides of your nose or break within a week of owning them. When I see a pair of sunglasses online that I absolutely love they are always terribly expensive and who wants to invest in something before trying it on to see if your really going to like them? That's why when I came across the brand Warby Parker I was ecstatic to read about their home try-on program. 

What is a home try-on program you ask? You simply go through the Warby Parker website and select 5 of your favorite styles of sunglasses or glasses and then order them free of charge to be sent to you to try out for a week and then return them once again, free of charge. What more could a girl ask for?! Maybe some free sunglasses but hey, we can't be too needy. What's really fantastic about Warby Parker is that when you do decide to buy a pair they give a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need since apparently much of the world is in need of glasses but simply can't afford them. We all know how expensive prescription glasses/sunglasses can be and so does Warby Parker so they have cut their prices down from the +$300 to $100 or less, making this even more realistic. On top of all of this Warby Parker is also eco-friendly and one of the only carbon neutral eye-wear brands in the world. 

Have I convinced you yet that Warby Parker is pretty freaking amazing and that you should already have a tab pulled up looking for some cool glasses for yourself? That should be a rhetorical question but if your aren't quite convinced check out how I rocked my 5 shades in 5 days. Warby Parker is an online boutique but if your in New York they just opened their first free standing store in SoHo last month so go check it out.