Until Further Notice

It's going to be a very long week ahead of me and I don't want to leave you all completely empty handed because of my overwhelmingly busy schedule like I've already done for the past few days. That's why today I am going to give you an update on what I'll be up to for the foreseeable future until I can create some new content for the blog. 

1) Studying Art Nouveau and giving a 20 minute presentation on American Art Nouveau artist William H. Bradley

2) Editing photos from 4 photo shoots and my own for the blog

3) Researching and analyzing my favorite photographers for History of Photography 

Top to bottom, left to right: Barbara Krueger, Henri-Cartier Breson, Harry Callahan, Krueger, Man Ray, Irving Peen, Imogen Cunningham

4) Studying art and politics from Francisco Goya up to Picasso's Guernica

5) Painting and adding to my sketchbook 

Have a great week everyone and my empathy goes out to those of you who are in the same position as I am. 
College problems, huh?