Life on the Beach

A few weeks ago I received an email from the PR of designer Valentina Shah asking if I would be interested in doing a feature on Shah's most recent Spring/Summer collection. After going through the new designers 2 previous collections and partaking in an interview with her I agreed and asked if I could be sent some of the clothing to create an editorial with. Thankfully they said yes and I was able to photograph my first official fashion editorial! As the stylist, photographer and art director I knew that I wanted the story to be about the Miami woman who is living on the beach. I wanted the photos to be on the commercial-lifestyle side of things to show the versatility in Shah's designs for easy transition between work, casual and night-life. Below is a little preview but you can find the full editorial and interview with Valentina Shah featured on Fashify, just click here.

Model: Lydia Ramos
Hair/MUA: Orestes de la Paz