Just Because

"Why are you wearing that?"
"Just because."

We are all faced with these days; where we seem to mindlessly throw on an outfit, walk out the door and not even realize what just happened. As much as I'd like to believe that all of my outfits are meaningful and expressive of me as a person it simply isn't always the case. Sometimes they feel empty but vivacious and other times I feel powerful for unknown reasons or genuinely playful and completely random with my manner of dressing. 

In the past few months as I have begun taking my personal style and interest in clothing's meaning more seriously I have been faced with people who's style I admire questioning why clothing needs to be so serious all the time. Why can't it just be about fun and playing? Why can't it sometimes be just because?  When I took my first fine art class in college our opening lesson was to learn how to play like a 5 year old again. As adults we have a tendency to methodologically over-analyze and over-think things but young children have the ability to create uninhibitedly. They can take a crayon to a piece of paper and think of absolutely nothing in particular while creating a work of art. They have no reason, no care, no fear or stress or concern about the outcome or future; it is the epitome of living and creating in the moment.

When I get dressed I don't always have a plan or a feeling or something that I am going for. Sometimes my outfits are just because and nothing more. There is nothing wrong with that, it means nothing less of you and it means nothing more, it just is and on some level that is liberating. To be able to express yourself and fucking play just because. I understand that just because is no reason or answer or explanation but then again how can you give a reason, answer or explanation to a 5 year old's crayon drawing? You can't and that's my point. There is no need to give a reason to it, sometimes it is just because and sometimes that can end up being the most unique and meaningful expression in the world. What are your thoughts on this just because business? Do you think it is the epitome of pure uninhibited expression or that I'm just full of a lot of bull?