White T

I was beyond flattered to wake up this morning and find myself on the homepage of CollegeFashionista. A few weeks ago I was asked by CollegeFashionista (my current internship) to participate in a white t-shirt challenge. Surprisingly this was much more difficult than expected, it's almost like it was so easy it was hard. I started coming up with countless ideas of outfits styled around the white t and then narrowed it down to the top 3 based on which ones were most "me", whatever the hell that means. For CollegeFashionista I wrote an article attempting to describe my style and how to get a similar look like this for yourself which you can check out here

Above is the final look that I chose to feature for CollegeFashionista infusing my modern and vintage twists but below are the two other outfits that my boyfriend photographed and I still rather enjoy. Using many of the same pieces with just a few minor changes they display a much darker and edgier side of me that the above ensemble does not. I feel like they represent my future style living in a more architecturally urban city rather than tropical Miami. None the less this experience has definitely reminded me of how amazing and versatile a white t-shirt can be. This one is stolen from my boyfriend but my next trip to Walmart will certainly include the purchase of a pack of my own. Which look do you all like the most? How would you style a white t?