Think Pink

These words immediately send a flurry of inspirational thoughts to my mind. Let us begin with the obvious Funny Face reference, of which this post was inspired by after a re-watching of it over spring break. Then there is the worldly fashion editor from the movie that proclaims that famous statement "Think pink!" that is clearly based off of the late Diane Vreeland. There was something that happened to me in that moment of the movie when the editor is disgusted at the current state of the magazine's latest issue and self-righteously states that pink is the answer to all of her and her magazine's problems. 

During my spring break I was hoping to have time to have a rebirth of inspiration but instead every time I set myself about to taking photos or coming up with an idea for a post I was at a loss or felt like I was toying with the same ideas over and over again. I wanted something new, something fresh, something surreal and exhilarating. So I decided to color my hair pink. Only temporarily of course, but for a day I was a pink head and it was great. I felt crazy, wild, unrestrained and happy. Happy to be doing something different from my usual behavior. To be willing to try something new and test limits. That is something I always try to keep in mind when cultivating my personal style and in turn my identity. I never want to settle because once I think I have I get fed up with it and have to try something completely different. I always want to explore, to see what's beyond the horizon or at least my own horizon. I want to do everything, experience everything, create everything and live exhilaratingly ceaselessly. That obviously doesn't always happen so instead I try to think pink.