Roll Out Of Bed

It's Monday and like most college students I struggle to get up for my morning classes. I don't know if it's the fact that I know it's before noon or that I stayed up until 3 am the night before drinking wine and playing Trivial Pursuit, or maybe it's none of those and the simple fact that my bed is a million times more comforting than a lecture at 9 in the morning on art and politics but there's something about morning classes I simply can't stand. 

I've been known to spend consecutive days wearing my pajamas and barely coming out of the deep confides of my dorm room and although that might sound creepy and on the borderline of becoming a hermit I'd like to set the record straight. There's nothing, and I mean nothing more comfortable than that eternally warming sensation that your favorite pair of pajamas can give you. Pair that with a bed with a Temper-pedic mattress pad and I like to call that a little piece of heaven on earth. Now morning classes on the other hand are something I refer to as h-e-double hockey sticks. 

As the years have gone by and collections have come forth I have grown more and more interested in the idea of making a pajama set like the one you see today something that can be acceptable for bed time and class time. Whats funny is when I was in high school I would look down on the people that came to school looking like they just rolled out of bed and yet here I am today writing a tutorial on how to do it. It wasn't that I didn't like the messy, bed-head look because that was literally all I saw but that it would greatly upset me that people would think so little about how they presented themselves each day while I was thinking about outfits to compose constantly. I obviously still think about outfit composition all the time but must admit that the roll out of bed attitude has caught up with me big time now in my 4th year of college. With that said I have also had lots of time to practice and I finally feel like I have managed to find a balance to rolling out of bed for pre-noon classes and still maintaining that quintessential sartorial statement I yearn for daily. To start off I paired a vintage sweater on top of the pj's to distract from the fact that this in fact pj's. People say black and brown don't go together but honestly I'm already breaking the rule of wearing pajamas to school so any other rule broken after the first rule is really insignificant to me.

Next I added a statement jewelry piece, fake Chanel dripping earrings (they don't mean what you think they mean, it's much much worse). To complete the look I switched out my velvet bedroom slippers for a spike heel. Admittedly I don't really wear heels around campus anymore just because I am more often than not carrying at least 10 lbs of books and camera equipment but I found it very difficult to get away with pajamas as day wear without taking something so casual and giving it that daytime glamour oomph we all need to wake us up and start taking things seriously. So with 3 easy steps of sweater, jewelry and shoes you could easily wear your pajamas to school all day too. Does this roll-out-of-bed idea suddenly seem appealing to you or are you like me circa 2009 and see it as just another excuse to be lazy? I won't deny it, my Lazy Libra side has seemed to be kicking in more ferociously as of late. 

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