Some days I just want to be invisible. I want to be able to walk to class and not get a funky stare. I want to be able to secretly take a picture of someone without them noticing me before I even snapped the shot. I want to blend into the walls during class becoming as insignificant as a fly on the wall. Although I love standing out from the crowd sometimes all I want to wear is jeans and a tank top. Yesterday was particularly one of those days. After some bad news the day before going to classes was the last thing I wanted to do and talking to people came at an even lower rank than that. Wearing an outfit like this is more out of the norm for me than wearing a tutu to class is out of the norm for "norm" people. For me trying to be invisible was a challenge. It's easy for me to wear a crazy outfit now and go about my day as usual but it's actually become difficult for me to wear something more laid back like this. Sometimes I feel like I'm suffocating when I dress like this but yesterday it felt like I could finally breath. 

I felt like I was hiding and it's easy to hide in plain sight when your wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt around your waist. No one looked at me twice or stared me down as I took to long to take a photo. No one assumed I was a fashion or art student and it was refreshing. It's so intriguing how clothing can have such complex and contradictory meanings. For example the fashion industry is an industry based on the mass production of individual, unique appearance. Clothing can be used to express who you are or hide it. Today I was in hiding for the most part spare the Urban Outfitter socks, I couldn't resist myself a little quirky twist....

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