Fuck Yes

Like most people that have thousands upon thousands of images on their computer you eventually reach a point where you start attempting a method of organization via themed folders. One of my most current one's has been entitled "Fuck Yes!" and the exclamation mark is completely necessary. This folder consists of insane art pieces and outfits that make me exclaim FUCK YES!!! With today's lack of FIU Style Sightings because of spring break I thought I'd share some street style shots from other parts of the world that I think are absolutely amazing. Further explanation will be provided. 

Although I don't even own a piece of clothing close to this color it think it looks magnificent on these two ladies. There's empowerment with vibrancy, a feminine flair in the structured suit and mid-length jacket. Above the look is clean and sharp, not to ignore the pose is fierce and composition implying a worldly narrative we can easily follow. Same goes for below but instead of a working woman it's the nostalgic day's of our youth. Especially with the old prints and photos behind her and the morning sun's misty glow it doesn't even feel real or from this day and age. 
She is like a fairy. 

Bike riding in stilletto's and make-shift poncho's, strolling the back-end street's of Paris head-to-toe in crimson red. Do I really need to explain why fuck yes was stated upon seeing these photos? If your currently nodding your head I am currently shaking mine at you but will be kind and explain further. 110% confidence. 

Over sized country club sweater vests paired with skirts spewing yards and yards of tulle? Yes please. Plaid bell-bottoms with silk bomber jackets and a beanie? I'll give it a go. Juxtaposed pieces are a huge kicker for me even though I probably don't dabble enough in it myself. It reminds me of a dada-esque way of approaching fashion. Pairing things together that shouldn't necessarily go together but totally pulling it off just by the way that you walk and hold yourself. It's absolutely magical to me and is one of the reason's I named this blog Elegant Idiosyncrasy. It's that ephemeral moment that happens when pieces work despite all odd's bet against them. 

Maxi skirts and bomber jackets in sizes 3 times to big - pretty much my day to day wardrobe as is and thus the reason for this image. I love when a surrounding location and outfit fit so perfectly together, especially when it's not an organized editorial shoot but something seen on the streets. It really shows how our style is influenced by so many things, thus giving this image and outfit a fuck yes. 

Lastly we focus on outfit-location similarities. The photos above and below are magnificent to me. They incite feelings of personal attachment to the girls even though I've never seen them before. For one reason this is because in both images the girls are alone, not in the company of anyone in particular but are not upset or sad about it rather they are content and at ease. Secondly both of these girls seem to be wearing their clothes versus letting the clothes wear them as you can see sometimes in the influx of street style shots. There is an intimacy between the girls and their clothing that goes beyond what the eye can see. Perhaps I am only taking these things away from the images because of that "every girl for herself" feminist inside of me, or maybe it's just because they are beautiful pictures. What I think I've learned and hopefully have given some insight to you is that a great outfit image takes more than just a great outfit. It takes composition, location, angles and lighting choices. You can always take a picture of a pretty outfit and like it for a bit of time but it will never retain that FUCK YES label we all so desire to see in our own work. I hope this was a suitable alternative to FIU Style Sightings and if not my deepest apologies but not to worry as it will be back in action in only a week's time. 

Images by Tommy Ton for Stye.com, Le-21eme, or Street FSN