Easter Delight

For the past few weeks every time I walked into a grocery store I was faced with the over indulgence that is holiday candy and Easter tis the season so my mind has been looming with Peeps, pastels, and chocolate bunnies. To nobodies surprise I'm sure I finally gave in and dished out $10 for some holiday treats and wanted to do a photo shoot inspired by them. I mean really, what is more captivating than sugary sweetness and spring pastels? Nothing is, that was a rhetorical question. Although I may not be celebrating Easter for it's religious origins it doesn't mean I can't partake in all the holiday fun and since I didn't get invited to any egg hunts this year a photo shoot seemed a fitting celebration in my eyes. A friend came by to help me get these shots and sadly the sun didn't come out once so excuse the lack of lighting, sometimes you gotta work with what you got. Happy Easter everyone!