Diaphanous: permitting the free passage of light and vision; perfectly transparent; pellucid 

This is one of the definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary describing diaphanous. As I mentioned yesterday I woke up earlier this week with that word stuck in my mind. It literally felt like it was just floating there, waiting until I found a way to explore and discover it. A day later I took these photos in front of my window and ended up spending half the day trying to perfect these long exposures; the results have me smiling from ear to ear. 

I know I've already talked about this one to many times for you all to even care anymore and most of you are likely waiting for me to get off of this kick with diaphanous-ness but there is something so expressive about translucent drapery that I just can't get over. It has been described as expressing the wearer's soul; their emotions and their physical body in a harmonious balance. For me this is something that I am always looking for when purchasing clothes: a perfect balance between myself and the piece. That the clothing will not wear me but I will wear it but with great respect and confidence. That is probably why many of the clothes that I am drawn to and enjoy wearing the most are my flimsy and delicate night shawls and dresses. There is a level of comfort when wearing them that I only feel in my most worn in pajama's yet at the same time I feel strong and empowered enough to take on the day in these. The photos featured today were styled with all vintage clothing except for the head wrap that I will talk more about later this week. For now I would love to hear your feelings on all that is diaphanous. Does it affect you the way it affects me?