Before There Was Fashion

I haven't always been into fashion. I know, shocking. In fact I didn't even think about the subject of fashion until I was in 9th grade. Before that I was a lost child searching for a passion and by the time middle school rolled around ballet became my obsession. I spent the majority of my weeks at rehearsal, practicing at home or making collages of ballerinas. Center Stage was my favorite movie and Julliard was my future. However after moving to Florida from North Carolina and taking a 6 month break I quickly lost interest and motivation when I realized that that break was the downfall of my technique and would take two years to gain back (at this point I was 16 and only had a year left before college). So fashion became my focus and has ever since but there is still that side of me that craves to be able to do 5 pirouettes in a row and a grand jete across the stage. To have that perfect arch in pointe shoes and arms and hands that are as fluid as the wind. But then I think about all the long hard laborious hours that must be put in to be able to do these things and I quickly lose interest again. 

However I can't deny that ballet has influenced me in ways that I will carry for life. It has taught me how to have straight posture, how to maintain graceful body language and how to move in front of a camera. It has taught me perseverance and passion, that long hours must be put in to see great results and of course it has greatly influenced my style. I swoon over anything that looks like it was inspired by the Ballet Russes and has a diaphanous quality to it. To me the pink satin color of pointe shoes is the most perfect shade of pink that has ever existed and even if your not dancing in the shoes they still look breath taking-ly gorgeous. These shoes are my pointe shoes from when I was dancing and I still have them hanging on my wall as a reminder of where I've come from. I felt drawn to put them on again and these photos are the first part of a 2 part series I took inspired by them. Although I really wanted to get some shots of me dancing in them I realized that I can no longer stay on my toes for more than a few moments and look very awkward when doing so, thus the chair and all the sitting.

Be sure to check in tomorrow to see the second part of this series and more nostalgia on my almost dancing career.