So Bad It's Good

Yes, it's tacky and bulky and cheap and really really really bad but somehow through all of this this necklace end's up being kind of, dare I say it, good. We all have one of those pieces in our closet that we bought on a whim and didn't give it to much though because if we did we know we would've talked ourselves out of it. It's something you would never wear, completely out of left field for your style, yet all the same you love it with all your heart. I bought this piece for the photo shoot I styled this past weekend and since I can't return it it has joined the ranks of my wall of jewelry. Now I have many pieces on said wall that I hardly ever find myself wearing and though I thought this necklace would become one of them every day I find my head mysteriously turning towards the direction of it's fake diamond twinkle and painted gold charm. It screams "I'm bad, but not really, but really I am. Wear me?" Pretty much this necklace is either a caption for itself or it's a juxtaposition, I really can't decide. Do you have any so bad it's good pieces, what are your opinions on them?