You Look Like Your Alice in Wonderland

The title of this post is a statement from my 5 year old sister after seeing the picture below and I found it quite fitting. I have officially made it through a week (work week) of white shirts and it seemed appropriate to wrap up this week's challenge with photos in an ephemeral state of mind. The shirt chosen is my very sheer button down paired with my new vintage white apron, chain head piece and a black belt to balance it all out. I found this location earlier in the week and this outfit seemed to be calling for it after wearing it all day to classes. When I took the photo above I was so enthralled with the high contrast of the purple flowers against the dark green grass, it really did seem like something out of Alice in Wonderland sans the butter-bread fly's and Cheshire Cats.

This outfit is probably my favorite of the week's. At first when I pulled it together and walked onto campus with it I felt extremely uncomfortable and like I was getting many strange stares, but after checking my face and clothes for any massive obtrusion I realized I had nothing to fear but fear itself. It's funny how sometimes the world we were born for can make us feel so out of place that we must create other worlds to make ourselves feel more.....appropriate; sort of like Alice in her own Wonderland. A girl who only wanted to read books with pictures and speak in backwards languages badly enough that she created an entire Wonderland to do it in. To tell you the truth this location is really just a ditch on the side of the road on my campus but I really wish it was a huge pasture with a magnificent sunset behind it. I may not have Wonderland but  I certainly have photoshop.