Social Media Update

Let me apologize for my lack of social media promotion. I've never told you guys to follow me on facebook or twitter or instagram, etc and so on. It's not that I don't have them but that I just figured if you wanted to follow me there you would find me. Bad blogger me. For those of you that do want to follow me through other mediums this post is for you. To start off this semester I have gotten the amazing opportunity to be a style guru for CollegeFashionista, a website dedicated to style from college campus's across the nation. Convenient for me and my FIU Style Sightings hobby. My first post went live this week and you can find it here, CollegeFashionista

I just created an instagram after the gift of my lovely new i-phone 5 for Christmas. 
You can follow me @elegantidiosyncrasy

I used to have twitter years ago but deleted it after feeling like I had nothing to say. Well I resurrected it and although there isn't much said yet, trust me there will be a lot in the future. This is the year of the rambling. 
Read it here.

I finally created a tumblr to feature some photography seen here, out takes, and random digital montages. 

Last but certainly not least, my facebook page. The one social media site that has lasted through trends, fads, and new media outlets. I have a link to follow me on the right side bar but in case you never saw it you can just click here.