One of my Christmas gifts this year was this bohemian maxi skirt and sheer faux fur vest. It reminds me of Jenny's wedding dress in Forrest Gump which reminds me of a dress I wore once for a photo shoot which reminds me of how persistent my mom was that I wear a dress like that on my wedding day which brings me full circle. No wedding day is on my mind but these root certainly are, which sort of relates to weddings in a way: creating roots for a future life together. 

These tree's around my school have always fascinated me. How all of the roots just grow on top of each other and it looks like such an overwhelming mess at first glance but when you take the time to really analyze them you find this harmonious balance occurring. Flowing with each other and against each other, creating a symphony of it's own. You can see where their journey began, but only surface deep, and you can follow their paths with each other, trailing off to build this magnificent being together. 

When I originally planned this post I didn't plan for it to be written like this. I knew I wanted to photograph this outfit at these tree's, but not to the extent that seems to have worked itself out as I have been writing this. I've noticed that I tend to do things and not necessarily know why I'm doing it until I write about it. As though all the roots in my mind and soul don't come to full fruition to me until there is text put to it, which is why I'm thankful that I've created this blog, so I force myself to write it out. I wore this outfit to my art show on Friday and I felt so comfortable in it, like I wasn't trying to portray anything about myself other than the basis of me. 
What is really there, no bells or whistles, just deep worn in roots.