One thing that has always intimidated me in the creative field is coming up with an organized strain of thoughts, although it is something that I consistently find myself doing through the setting up and organizing of photos for each post on the blog. I have always felt like the type of person that has interests in many things and sometimes they come out like visual vomit. The idea of creating mood-boards has always fancied me and I've tried here and there but have never really felt all that successful, i.e. still ending up with visual vomit. 

After working at RAUKUS for the short time that I did and getting to dabble my toes in the inner workings of a fashion editor I suddenly saw a bright light in my future. A job that involves all of my interests in photography, fashion, editing, art direction, and pretty much having my hands in every aspect of a shoot and the after-math of it. Now that I am no longer working as a fashion editor I am trying to spend as much time before graduation working on projects that will endure the responsibilities a fashion editor or creative director might have in order to raise my chances of getting into grad school at SCAD. This week I have the exciting opportunity to creatively direct and style a photo shoot with a team that is on the hush hush for now but I can promise you is kick ass. These are the inspirational mood boards I created for it. Actual pictures will be here soon enough but for now follow me on instagram to see behind-the-scenes @elegantidiosyncrasy.