Menswear and Magazines

I've always loved Katherine Hepburn and her empowered stance as an actress. She was well known for wearing pants on set and breaking the stereotypical dress for women at her time, another huge thing I am a fan of. I've had these pants for a year now and only worn them twice and when Katherine's rebellious attitude entered my mind the other day I felt inspired. Sadly they turned out to be a bit to big in the waist for me and hit too low on my hips, thus where the suspenders and paper boy inspiration comes in. Plus last weekend I got to spend an afternoon at Barnes and Nobel and got 2 new magazines to spend the next semester swooning over. I've been flipping through them every day and only love them more and more each time; the smell of them is quite literally intoxicating. A full post to come on the magazines soon but my point being is that this is why you see many gifs of me below ignoring you and looking at them instead. 

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One more thing: today is Thursday and if your like me than you know that the Style section is out in the NY Times today. On my campus they pass it out for free and I always try to make sure I pick up the paper on Thursday so I can get my weekly dose of news and some entertainment too. Who knows, maybe you'll end up reading something that will make you make a face like the one below.