How to Wear an Oversized Shirt

One of my biggest challenges in dressing myself is learning how to wear over-sized things without looking bad-baggy (I think we all know the difference between good baggy and bad baggy). I got this XXL tuxedo shirt at Patricia Fields store in NYC this past September and it's been sitting in the back of my closet ever since. When I purchased it I had dreams of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's in mind however I never eat breakfast and there is no Tiffany's anywhere near FIU. With that out of the picture I've tried several other options of wearing this shirt and finally found one that I actually liked enough to photograph. By pairing it with a skinny belt and matching skinny jeans I made it look more fitted than before but didn't fully take away it's initial over sized appeal. *Note: My apologies for the shoddy photos, I didn't have any time to take these somewhere more interesting but overall felt like it wasn't really that necessary as long as I got my point across.*

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These are some FIU Style Sightings that inspired me to finally embrace the over-sized awesomeness but not let it take over me. From left to right there is Natasha Vera embracing the shirt that is 5 sizes to big as a mini dress, Ruth Thompson making her baggy shirt look more fitted with another baggy shirt tied around it, Heidi Bryce cinching in her waist with a skinny belt tied around her over-sized sweater, and a non-FIU student taking baggy to it's furthest extent as a knee-length dress. Thank you all for inspiring me to try out new things!