FIU Style Sightings

Let me start off by apologizing for not featuring FIU Style Sightings last week and now let me make it up to you with a plethora of images that may strongly make you consider reinvesting into an entirely new wardrobe. For the past two weeks I have been out and about a fairly large amount of time and the sun has been shining (most of the time) leading into people feeling confident enough to whip out their best pieces. I met Professors's and students dressing based on their personal travels throughout the world, fine art majors experimenting with patterns and shapes, and anthropology majors proving that you can still mix up the typical school girl uniform and look amazing. 
In a nut shell it's been a pretty beautiful two weeks. 

Professor Phyllis Baker, Anthropology
Ruth Thompson, Fine Arts

Monique Faure, Psychology/Anthropology
Anthony Patrick, Fine Arts
Heidi Bryce, Political Science
Kristen Wilson, Health Administration
Katrina Ankrum, Asian Studies