FIU Style Sightings

It's been a long break and it's felt even longer without my weekly FIU Style Sightings posts. But now it's back and better than ever! This week students were dressed to the nine in their new clothes from the Christmas holiday's/sales or taking the completely opposite route and making Goodwill their ultimate home for all wardrobe needs. I've been thinking about starting a section of the Style Sightings to include a focus on certain trends seen on campus such as polka dots or knee high boots. What do you all think, would you like something more organized or do you like the chaotic random-ness that is FIU?

Left unknown; RighKeysel Pelaez, Biology and Environmental Science
Cassandra Aguililla, Public Relations
Nataly Cajamarca, Sociology/Spanish

Lara Ruiz, Anthropology/Biology

As I was walking to class one day I saw this girl from a distance. There was something so different about her, I couldn't put my finger on it. Sadly I was already late and didn't have time to ask for her photo. Lucky for me when I came out an hour and a half later she was still sitting in the same spot and gleefully posed for me. Turns out she doesn't even go to FIU or is from Miami. She comes from the far far west that is known as California and moved here for a boy. How romantic. I couldn't get over her energy and style, everything was thrifted down to her shoes, and her necklace was handmade.

Jaclyn Salcido