Film {The Atelier E}

From my few years working as a model I've realized that people outside of the industry have a large interest in what happens behind the scenes of a photo shoot or production of any sort. Luckily on my shoot with Emily Peters of The Atelier E that I featured here a few months ago had her photographer friend Estefani Vidal document the entire experience via film for all of you. I love that instant nostalgic feeling that film instantly creates. Although it's almost like it's blatantly pointing out to you that this is no longer now, you will only have the memory of this. After reading this NY Times article on living life in irony I can't help but realize how much film, no matter when the photo was taken, will instantly take on that 'remembrance of the past' spirit. Think instagram filters and sun filled polaroids. Even though the NY Times article was against it these photos are nudging me towards carrying around my film camera again. What's your opinion on the difference between these film shots and the final production photos, seen here

To say the least there was a lot of polishing on this shoot. 
Photographing jewelry with fingerprints on it is not a pretty thing.....

All photos by Estefani Vidal