The Power of a Flower

I believe through flowers we can learn a lot about ourselves. They need nurture and attention to grow successfully. Once they bloom they're the most amazing thing you've ever laid eyes upon, nothing can compare. As they grow older, quickly it seems, they go through many stages of beauty; slowly decaying, changing shades and losing petals, but still breath taking all the same. Eventually their time comes to fall, but there's nothing devastating or sorrowful about it, it is just the cycle of life. Everyday people buy flowers and put them in their rooms or on office desks or give them as gifts of love and we seem to not realize the extreme correlation they have to our own lives. The most stimulating beauty and joy can be found in flowers and yet they die so quickly to us. Perhaps its not the time they have on this earth that makes them significant but what they give to it. Rejuvenation. 
The ability to be reborn over and over again. 

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