There once was a girl who had everything she could ever want, 
yet she was always looking for something and never knew quite what.

She lived in a tower high in the sky but would escape to the woods in the late afternoon
in hopes to find whatever it was she was she had dreamt of deep in the night.

High and low, 

Behind trees and on canopy floors she would look and look 
tirelessly until her eyes could see no more.

As her lids grew heavy and her strength wore low she rested her head 
among the ferns on the canopy floor.

It wasn't until then, deep in a slumber with the sun kissing her skin that she realized
There was nothing to find, nothing she needed more in her life up in that tower, high in the sky 
for she had glimpsed the future and it was the present and it was the past.
It was everything and it was nothing. It was an idea and it was a fact.
There was a string, a thread, a web between it all that runs on and on and on and on
and that's all she ever really needed to know.