FIU Style Sightings

With the cooler weather seeming to stick around here in Miami this college campus has never been more visually appealing. Winter jackets, hats, sweaters, layers, interesting shoes, and septum piercings were seen on more than one occasion. I for one am spending the weekend moving out my sun dresses for more baggy sweaters and layering devices after being inspired by all these lovely individuals. Women and men took fashion into their own hands by playing with clean, classic lines and juxtaposing it with punk attitudes; claiming black as their favorite color but then spicing it up with quirky accessories; and making sweaters into dresses and scarfs into skirts. 
Well that's enough talking about it, let's get to the good stuff....

Susann Vernon, IT/Music
Tony Garcia, Fine Arts
Domnique Fernandez, Fashion Design
Cierra Kimble
Maya Castro, Art History
Sharifa Nibbs, International Business