FIU Style Sightings

I hate to admit it but I have fallen behind on my Style Sightings. School and life have taken higher priority over walking around campus to take pictures but I managed to make up for it a bit this past week as the sky's were cloudless and the weather was crisp for 4 days in a row! Some people were seen walking around as if the 68 degree weather would kill them if they were to remove one of their 5 layers of winter gear (aka South Floridians), while others were clearly enjoying the crisp breeze with short sleeves and a beanie (aka everyone else). Either way it seems to have inspired people to dig into their wardrobes and find those pieces they always loved but never wore because they didn't want sweat residue to be the death of them; strongly understood. However for the sake of today's post we thank you students who played with color, mixed and matched, and made us look twice. 

Stephen Chung, Sports Management 

Kearney Kilcoyne, Asian Studies 

Tate Zigerman, Fashion Styling