Exam Week

Even though I already went through what felt like was my most intense exam (fall review) I still have 4 more to go and being the lucky art student that I am they are all a week early, i.e. this week. So I have been spending the past uncountable minutes/hours/days drawing drawings that I hate, organizing and editing photos, studying art history, and of course working on my many side projects. Thankfully though in a week everything will be over and I will have a glorious month of winter vacation. In the meantime though I am working on ways to calm me down, one of them being the wearing of my new beanie. I know I know, talking about fast fashion this purchase definitely fits perfectly into that niche but I couldn't resist myself. I've backed down from buying many crude text clothing items and finally decided to say fuck it and go for it. Wish me luck on exams as I do the same for all you. 

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